We had a lot of snow here in Baltimore over the weekend, about 30 inches in about 30 hours of snowstorm. We were stuck at home, the kids seduced in front of the window, my husband shoveling to dig out the cars and to clear the driveway and I…free to create in the kitchen!

What a perfect time to have one of the most appropriate meals for cold and snowy days: Polenta concia and mushrooms!

polenta concia

It is a traditional recipe from the Italian Alps, where winters are very cold and people spend long time outside working or…skiing! It’s a very simple meal, but also very filling. You need polenta flower, which is the yellow one, and some good cheese and butter. In Valle d’Aosta, where I used to go skiing with my family, in the north-west of Italy, they use Fontina. It is a typical cow’s milk cheese made only in that valley since the 12th century. They produce it at every cow’s milking and let it age for at least 3 months. A Fontina cheese that is produced here in the US can be found in some stores (for instance Giant and Trader Joe’s).

Polenta concia brings you in the unique atmosphere of the Italian Alps and lets you look forward to many snowy days!