Last weekend Giulia and I organized (and cooked) a small party for some dear friends.
I had 4 egg whites in the fridge and I thought to whisk them with my great KitchenAid and make meringues!
Here’s the recipe (doses are for 4 egg whites)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 pinch of salt
few drops of lemon
4 egg whites
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder  – if you like –

First, I turned on the oven to 210 F.
Meanwhile I started whisking the eggs, a pinch of salt and few lemon drops in the KitchenAid, while slowly adding the powdered sugar .
I kept whisking for about 10 minutesto get  the mixture stiff.
Meanwhile I lined the baking pans with silicone sheets (mine are from Costco). Then I transferred the mixture into a pastry bag with a serrated nozzle and I made the meringues (see the pic below).
I sprinkled half of the meringues with cocoa powder.

I baked the meringues for about 90 minutes at 210 F.
Meringues MUST be white, so after 60 minutes you should check the color.
Once all the meringues were baked I let them cool down  for about 30 minutes… hard to resist the temptation to bite them still warm!

Tip: you can store the merengues in an airtight container for a week at the most (they won’t last long!). You can serve them with a cup of tea, as after dinner treats or just use your creativity and make delicious meringue based desserts with ice cream, custard, whipped cream, fruit, or chocolate!
Trick: best result with egg whites that are 2 or 3 days old 🙂