Last night I really wanted a risotto with the peppers but once I thawed the stock and the peppers – that I had already baked, peeled and frozen – , I realized that I had not rice.
What Did I do?
I remedied with my homemade tagliolini – even those made a few weeks ago and frozen – that I seasoned with peppers sauce and a lot of  grated pecorino cheese.


2 peppers (red or yellow)
2 ounces of grated pecorino
Olive oil
6 ounces of tagliolini, or your favorite one
Salt and pepper

After I thawed the peppers, I blended them with my fantastic Vitamix. I poured the cream of peppers in a pan where I had already put a tablespoon of olive oil.
While the water was boiling, I heated the sauce. I poured the tagliolini, still frozen, into the boiling water, lightly salted, and I let the pasta cook about 3 minutes.
I drained the tagliolini and I poured them into the pan. I seasoned the pasta with the sauce adding the grated pecorino cheese, I sprinkled with black pepper and fresh parsley, finely chopped, and I immediately served.
You can replace the homemade pasta with your favorite type, but if you want to play “with flour”, join me in the kitchen I will reveal you the secrets of the tradition of Italian homemade pasta.