aWe offer classes in the art of Italian cooking, in the hospitable environment of a true Italian kitchen. In Italy, every region, every city, every town has its own arsenal of traditional recipes. We will bring you on a journey through regions and flavors of our dear country, learning to prepare together some of our most famous recipes. We also offer thematic lessons on “Biscotti Italiani” (Italian cookies), “Pasta fatta in casa” (homemade pasta), “Cioccolatini” (chocolate treats), and “Vegetariana” (veggie recipes).

The classes will be reserved to small groups of up to 5/6 people, to allow hands on experience for everybody. All recipes will be performed together, following our guidance, starting from the basic ingredients (no pre-cooked or pre-assembled food will be used). The origin, history, and context of each recipe will be presented to better appreciate its unique character. Each lesson will be followed by a tasting session, which will include extra delicacies presented by the chefs..


“MENU” of individual classes:

veneto & emilia


We will make the famous lasagne all the way up from the basics: the dough, the ragú, and the “besciamella” sauce. In the second part of this lesson, we will perform one of the most loved Italian desserts worldwide, the “Tiramisú”.

trofie+vealWe will make both a main and a second course, as part of a typical Italian dinner. The “trofie” are a special kind of pasta specifically cut for pesto, one of the flagships of the simple and tasty character of the Italian cuisine. As a second course, “Vitello tonnato” gives a fresh option for summer-night dinners, combining veal meat and tuna sauce.

lombardiarisotto and mondeghili risotto+mondeghili

This lesson will perform a main and a second course as well. Risotto needs no introduction… we will initiate you to the secrets of “al dente” and “mantecato” to make its character 100% Italian. With the “Mondeghili” we will show you the true nature of meatballs, combining different flavors of meats gift-wrapped into green cabbage leaves.

lombardia e trentinopizzoccheri and strudelstrudel +pizzoccheri

From the cold winter days in the northern Italian Alps come these recipes that will heat up also your heart. “Pizzocheri” provides a full meal by melting together the flavors of buckwheat pasta, potatoes, cabbage, northern Italian cheese, and butter. It’s also a great vegetarian dish. “Strudel” is a dessert claimed by both sides of the international border with Austria, but is able to reconcile anyone by its combination of sweet and savory ingredients.



As with wine, cheese, and salame, in Italy each region has its own biscotti that are meant for breakfast, tea, or after-dinner treats. We will make a suite of five different types, and you friends will ask you how long you have traveled to combine such a wide expertise…

vegetarian lesson parmigiana&co veggiesss

We will cook a tasty and healthy vegetarian dinner.
Parmigiana is one of the most famous recipes of the south of Italy. It is made of eggplant, tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese.
The green beans and potato loaf as well as the stuffed vegetables are a creative and colorful way of cooking your veggies.


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Lessons of 2.5 hours, opting between Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays 2-4:30pm or Tuesdays/Thursdays  6:30-9:00pm.


Please send us an email with your preferred lesson(s) and dates, and we will contact you back for confirmation. If none of the options above works for you, or you have other special needs, don’t hesitate to let us know! We are also happy to personalize specific lessons as requested for parties of 4-6 people that sign up together.