We are glad to share with you our blog, a unique blend of Italian tradition and cooking passion.

We come from the city of Milano in northern Italy, for centuries the crossroad of peoples and cultures. The cuisine from our homeland has been enriched over time becoming one of the most diverse in the world, yet keeping its simple and healthy character that makes it beloved by anyone who encounters it. We share a passion for the rediscovery of the traditional Italian recipes. For us, this is much more than cooking instructions. Italian cuisine is affection and team work, creativity and tradition blended in a unique way. It is care for the details, and a renewing experience of personal expression. In other words, it is fun that grows and lasts. Since we moved with our families to the USA, in Baltimore, our passion has brought us close to many people attracted by Italian cuisine. Our hope is that this four-handed blog can help us continue to share our heritage with more Americans.

Something about us…

firma giulia I moved to the USA in 2013 with Andrea, my husband, who is an astronomer in Baltimore, and our six-month-old son Tommaso. I come from an Italian family of long tradition in homemade cooking. I grew up with homemade pasta, for instance the famous “agnulin” and “tortelli di zucca mantovani” from my father’s parents house. And I learned how to make a large variety of preserves, sauces, and jams, from my mom and her mother and father. Soon after Andrea and I got married in 2011, I started cooking for my family and for the many friends who often visit our house. My first love were desserts, because I have a sweet tooth. With time and with the help of my mom, I learned how to make a little bit of everything: pasta, risotti, bread, focaccia, appetizers. I soon realized how much I enjoy trying new recipes and offering our guests something really special that they do not find elsewhere. At home, Andrea, Tommaso, and our little Beatrice – who was born in February 2015 –  keep enjoying my recipes, and with them a growing number of new friends.


firma saraThis is my name and I was also born and raised in Milan.
I studied economics and arts as I wanted to become a museum director,  but life took its unexpected turns. I would never have imagined that I would start all over again, even more so in another continent!
I am an event planner and I organize business events in Italy with a Swiss boss, and I now work from Baltimore. I moved here a year ago for.. LOVE! For the love of Andrea, a young doctor that stole my heart a few years ago and so, after some vicissitudes, I decided to marry him!
I  have always loved to cook. I can not deny, however, that I had a great teacher: my mom! She taught me her secrets and her recipes! My passion is appetizers and desserts, especially finger foods!! I must admit that, since we got married, I have explored new flavors and learned simple but useful tricks of the trade which led me to think of writing this four-handed blog with Giulia.
Our stories are different but we share two aspects: the passion for “homemade” flavors and smells, and the love that brought us across the world which is the ingredient that never lacks in our dishes!